About Me / Contact

About Me / Contact

Thank you for visiting my website and for showing interest in what I do. Like many, I didn’t have a great time when I was growing up, and this website was created as a means to honestly share my work and thoughts with those who have had similar experiences.

I am a queer multi-disciplinary performance artist and author who also maintains a career as a primary school teacher. If you are parent, teacher or student who has come to this page, it is important for me to stress that all political opinions expressed within my creative practice are kept distinct from my professional practice as a teacher.

For me, creative expression and story are tools for which are critical for living. Whilst we are able to survive with only air, water and shelter, what kind of life would we be living? Story is how we interpret and synthesis the world around us. Creative expression is how we apply that synthesis of information to ourselves and transmit these ideas to others. Honesty in doing this is critical. In my writings online, I endeavour to be open and honest. As painful as it is at times, I hope that you, the reader and the viewer, will be able to see the real me. I have been on a journey of self understanding for many years and I hope that in being my true self, to the best of my ability, I might be able to help others who are just beginning their own journeys to understand who they truly are. If you are queer or identify in any way shape or form within the LGBTIQA+ community, know that there are others out there like you, in all shapes, colours and sizes, and that you are special, worthy and loved.

If you’d like to get in touch, please leave me a comment below or contact me via social media.

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  1. Hi. I just wanted to say that you have inspired me and helped me so much in my life. Your work is really good and is an inspiration to me. I hope you reply to me.


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