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Writing Log #2

22/02/2019 @ 11:21
Slow start as I deactivated my alarm. I anticipated sleeping in, until maybe 7:30, but not sleeping in until 9:30. Guess I needed the sleep. Ate breakfast, meditated. The dominate feeling of the meditation was fear. I am afraid of writing but here I am. After procrastination, I begin again. I am enjoying the coffee made by my new Aeropress coffee maker.

I am taking a break. I have sketched out a couple of ideas for scenes and am developing the idea that the story is very much about whether or not humanity is a doomed species, and whether or not we’re worth saving. How these themes fit within the mythology I am creating is challenging. I feel as though I need to do years of research to do this justice, but also that by the time my research is complete (if it could ever be), the social and political situation may have changed. I will spend the afternoon reading Kavalier & Clay.

A brief session whilst Ray is at the gym. Surprisingly productive. I created a new character, the Shadow Mother, who is a collective consciousness born from the shadows. Will likely play a large role in the first novel.

Brief morning session before school. Deleted outline for the old opening scene that took place in the real world. Decided that real world ‘school’ scenes belong in the backstory.

Added in a scene outline featuring a new character, Reemo. Made notes to learn up on how humans use disassociation as a survival mechanism.

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