The Soundtrack to my unfinished novel The Boy, The Shadows and The Numb

This will be an unusually short post but it’s something that I’m excited to share– it’s the playlist to my unfinished novel, The Boy, The Shadows and The Numb. (Best played in no particular order)

So where am I with the novel and why has this happened?

Well, it’s not finished or even moved beyond the research phase, but I’m actively working on developing the main character, Jessie and, on figuring out what the hell my novel is really about. Yes, it’s about monsters and parallel worlds, but what is it that’s at the core of everything? What I am trying to say?

These are some of the questions I’ve been working on as I attempt to render Jessie as a whole individual who is distinct from myself. At some point during this process I began listening to music from the 90s, music to which I, and Jessie, grew up listening to. This was a departure from my usual process of listening to thematically related film scores and the playlist below is an ever-growing list of songs that Jessie identified with.

It’s been an interesting experiment and is definitely bringing me closer to understanding him. Whilst I expected the music to encapsulate his mood, I have to admit, I’ve been surprised by the thematic similarities in a lot of the songs.

I hope you enjoy Jessie’s selection.


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